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Manufactured Stone (also referred to as Faux Stone)

Manufactured stone is now a popular option for property improvement and new construction projects. Most contractors and property owners prefer this material because of aesthetic appeal that is comparable with natural stones, cheaper installation cost, and wide range of available designs. For many potential buyers, manufactured stones offer almost all the benefits and features of natural stones minus the hefty price tag.

Now, if you are a contractor or a homeowner looking for the best supplier of manufactured stone in California, we are the best source that you can have. You can find us in Bakersfield, Pacoima, Santa Clarita, Canoga Park, Palmdale, Sun Valley, Oxnard, Paso Robles, Visalia, Sylmar, CA

Manufactured Stone, Faux Stone and Stone Veneers

We supply only high-quality manufactured stones from the finest manufacturers, so you’re assured of their exceptional characteristics. Call us now and let us provide you with the perfect materials for your landscaping or construction project.

Cultured Stone

If you are searching for the finest manufactured stone in the market, then we suggest the stones made by Boral. Aside from the popular Cultured Stone Veneers, the company also offers other architectural stone veneer and other outstanding products, particularly Versetta and ProStone. These products meet industry standards and known to last for decades. Here are some of their qualities and features:

Cultured Stone Veneers

Cultured Stone veneers provide stunning appeal and timeless beauty to any surface they are attached to. They are available in 21 textures and 100 colors, so choosing the perfect design for your project is a breeze. Moreover, the quality of their veneers is certified by five third-party testing centers, making them highly trustworthy products.


It is the ideal material for those who want the look of natural stones without paying for the same price. It comes in 8 different textures and 17 natural colors, so getting a unique look is easy. Best of all, it is backed by an unprecedented 50-year limited warranty.

Versetta Stone

For buyers who need traditional stone masonry appeal and easy installation, the Versetta is the perfect option. It also has a moisture management system integrated in each panelized stone piece, making it a truly unique product.

El Dorado Stone

El Dorado Stone is yet another top-caliber name when it comes to faux stone products. With more than 40 years of industry experience, El Dorado has perfected its craft and now creates some of the finest manufactured stone products in the industry. Here are the products that we highly recommend to clients

Nationwide Profiles

The manufactured stones under this line are among the most sought-after by buyers across North America. Some of the stones in the Nationwide Profiles are Ashlar, Bluffstone, Country Rubble, European Ledge, and Cypress Ridge.

Western Profiles

The stones under this product line evoke images of ranch-style dwellings, coastal cottages, and Spanish-inspired architecture. Choose from Country Rubble, Fieldledge, Limestone, RoughCut, and the like.  

Here are some more reasons why you should choose us:

  • Superb selection of bricks. When it comes to supplying clients with various brick types, we are the only company that you should trust. We maintain a huge inventory of different types of bricks that will suit any specific need or application. We also have hundreds of available brick designs, so choosing the perfect design, pattern or color for your project is a breeze.

  • Accessible locations. Our showrooms are located in strategic locations in the state. You can visit any of our yards to get a glimpse of our wide collection of brick products. The strategic location of our yards also allows us to deliver orders fast and according to schedules. LOCATIONS DETAILS



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