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Brick Products

American Builders Supply, Inc. is the largest supplier of brick products in California. For years, we have been the go-to company of DIY homeowners, landscapers, builders, churches, educational and government institutions, and contractors because of our capability to supply them with all kinds of bricks and construction materials.

Please call us today so we can assist you in your project. (Top right of page shows phone numbers for our numerous locations). You can also visit one of our yards to see first-hand our great collection of brick products. Our friendly personnel are always ready to help you choose the type and design that will best suit your needs and requirements.

Store Locations: Bakersfield, Pacoima, Santa Clarita, Canoga Park, Palmdale, Sun Valley, Oxnard, Paso Robles, Visalia, Sylmar, CA LOCATIONS DETAILS

Largest Selection of Brick Products

No other company in California can match our wide collection of brick products. We follow a meticulous approach when selecting products and ensure that they are made from the finest materials available. Our partner suppliers are the best and the most trusted in the industry, so our clients are assured of premium quality products. With them as our partners, we are able to offer our clients with a wide range of brick designs, patterns, and colors.

Our collection of brick products comes from these manufacturers:

  • Acme Brick
  • Atkinson Brick
  • Boral Brick
  • Cushwa Brick
  • Endicott Brick Co.
  • H.C. Muddox Brick
  • Interstate Brick
  • Interpace Brick
  • Lakewood Brick
  • Mutual Brick
  • Robinson Brick
  • Pacific Clay Brick

The Right Brick Types for Your Project

Our huge inventory of various brick types makes us capable of supplying our clients' needs. Whether needed for home improvement or commercial and industrial application, we can provide the right type at the right time that meets the requirements. We have clay, concrete, engineering, and used bricks that are perfect for various outdoor applications.

Quality Bricks Guaranteed

Our brick products are guaranteed durable and can last a lifetime when installed by professional installers. The quality of our products is guaranteed by our suppliers. For example, Acme Brick offers a 100-year limited warranty on all its product offerings, while Boral Brick and Interstate Brick offer products that are not only sturdy but also elegantly designed. The products they offer have outstanding features like easy installation, fade-resistant quality, extensive color selection, lightweight, low maintenance, eco-friendly, and attractive.

Why Choose American Builders Supply?

At American Builders Supply, Inc., our policy is to provide clients with superior products and excellent customer service. This is one of the reasons why most residential and commercial property owners in California choose us to be their partner in property improvement and construction projects.

Here are some more reasons why you should choose us:

  • Superb selection of bricks. When it comes to supplying clients with various brick types, we are the only company that you should trust. We maintain a huge inventory of different types of bricks that will suit any specific need or application. We also have hundreds of available brick designs, so choosing the perfect design, pattern or color for your project is a breeze.

  • Accessible locations. Our showrooms are located in strategic locations in the state. You can visit any of our yards to get a glimpse of our wide collection of brick products. The strategic location of our yards also allows us to deliver orders fast and according to schedules. LOCATIONS DETAILS


BAKERSFIELD: 661-852-0564

CANOGA PARK: 818-884-1795

OXNARD: 805-988-0705

PACOIMA: 747-225-0765

PALMDALE: 661-947-2117

PASO ROBLES: 805-239-4317

SANTA CLARITA: 661-255-6300

SUN VALLEY: 818-768-3176

VISALIA: 559-635-7833

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