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Concrete blocks and other types of concrete masonry units are commonly used in landscaping, hardscaping, property improvement projects, and building new structures in residential and commercial properties. Property owners and contractors choose blocks because they are stylish, available in a wide range of designs and colors, and very sturdy. However, not all blocks are created equal – some block products are inferior while some are simply superior in terms of beauty and durability. That’s why you should look for and use only the best brand of blocks for your construction project. And you can find them here at American Builders Supply.

We are a reliable supplier of premium block products for all types of property improvement and construction projects. We supply small and large orders for residential, commercial, government, churches, and education institution clients. Please call one of our hotlines or simply visit the location nearest you so you can take a closer look at our collections of world-class blocks.

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Angelus Block

Angelus Block Co. Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of blocks for masonry and landscaping purposes. Its product lines are noted for their sustainable and green products, as well as various architectural and masonry applications.

Angelus has blocks for every imaginable application. They can be used to create retaining walls, planters, sitting areas, and other hardscape features and amenities. For pavements, walls, and other masonry projects, it has Angelus Conventional and Proto Wall Systems, Angelus Paving Stones, and Decorative Wall Stones. For those looking for fine-quality blocks for architectural applications, they may choose from Quik-Brik, The Pixel Blocks, Architectural CMU, Glazed CMU, and Projection and Shadow CMU.

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Desert Block

Desert Block Co is the leading manufacturer of premium concrete block products in the South Central Valley. The company’s products are preferred by many masons, landscapers, and engineers for their wide design options, excellent quality, and easy installation. It manufactures premium-quality concrete masonry blocks that come in striking textures and colors. The textured finishes that it offers include precision, burnished, combed, and split face. Aside from the standard colors, it also allows color customization for special orders. With this kind of service, our clients can have their desired color that will match with the existing color of old CMU’s. It also carries other premium brands and products such as the Proto-II Wall Systems and Angelus Slumpstone.

Desert Block’s products are perfect for those who are aiming a specific design or looking for a personalized effect. Whether they need these blocks for their retaining walls, fences, sitting areas, or exterior walls, we can get the right design and color that will suit their project.

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Orco Block

Orco Block and Hardscape’s 67 years of manufacturing experience makes the company a top choice among California consumers. Orco’s blocks are known in the masonry and landscaping business for their striking color options, excellent designs, and various shapes. It is also the brand of choice for clients who demand world-class blocks at affordable prices. Orco’s block collections include:

    • Precision
    • Split Face
    • Screen
    • Radius
    • Acoustical
    • Interlocking
    • Slumped

Please call us soon and let us provide you with the finest block products from leading manufacturers in the country.

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Quikrete was founded in 1940 in Columbus Ohio and today is the largest manufacturer of cement and concrete products throughout the US and Canada. Quikrete has been supplying the industry with premium quality concrete and cement mixes that have seen them become a leader in the commercial and residential building sectors. They never stop testing their products, thus they can guarantee that the products continue to meet and exceed ASTM Standards.

Some of the hundreds of products that Quikrete manufacture include:

    • Concrete mixes
    • Mortar mixes
    • Cements
    • Concrete repair products
    • Stuccos
    • Waterproofing products
    • Hardscapes
    • Blacktop products
    • Floor underlayments
    • Sand and aggregates
    • And so much more……

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Why Choose American Builders Supply?

At American Builders Supply, Inc., our policy is to provide clients with superior products and excellent customer service. This is one of the reasons why most residential and commercial property owners in California choose us to be their partner in property improvement and construction projects.

Accessible locations. Our showrooms are located in strategic locations in the state. You can visit any of our yards to get a glimpse of our wide collection of block products. The strategic location of our yards also allows us to deliver orders fast and according to schedules. LOCATIONS DETAILS


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