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Pro's Choice Soilmaster

Pro`s Choice Soilmaster

BASE PATHS - apply 3 to 4 bags of Soilmaster to each base path and sratch in with rake or nail drag.

HOME PLATE AREA - use 2 to 3 bags to spread lightly in batters boxes and around home plate.

PITCHERS MOUND - spread 1 to 2 bags over the mound to take care of surface moisture.



  • Blends easily into existing infield mix.

  • Permits faster return to play after rain ...... eliminating puddles, muddy conditions and slick spots.

  • Prevents excessive compaction of infield soil and promotes superior drainage qualities.
  • Retains moisture to keep playing surface virtually dust free, firm and resilient .... without dry-out or cracking.

  • Highly durable .... designed to keep infields in top condition season after season.


  • If infield surface is hard and compacted, moisten the area prior to incorporating Soilmaster.
  • Spread Soilmaster over entire infield, adding additional amounts to problem areas.
  • With the use of a nail drag, rake or tine harrow, work the Soilmaster into the top one inch of soil and then smooth out the surface with a drag mat.
  • Topdress with twenty bags of Soilmaster and drag again.


Regulation Field
Softball Fields
Little League
*Renovation - Top 3"
12 tons (480 bags)
10 tons (400 bags)
5 tons (200 bags)
Conditioning Top 1"
6 tons (240 bags)
5 tons (200 bags)
2 tons (80 bags)

* Application rates of Soilmaster can vary depending on current field conditions. A general guideline to follow when renovating the top 3" of an infield is to apply 1.5 tons of Soilmaster per 1000 sq ft. of skinned area.

Soilmaster is packaged in 50lb. bags and shipped on pallets - 40 bags per pallet (1 ton). Also available in bulk shipments of 22-25 tons.


Pro's Choice Soilmaster
Position bags of Soilmaster evenly over the entire skinned area of the infield. Empty bags into piles and spread Soilmaster over the surface.

Pro's Choice Soilmaster
Using a rototiller, blend Soilmaster into the top 3" of soil. Then mat darak to breakup any clumping and to complete the blending process.

Pro's Choice Soilmaster
Moisten the infield lightly and roll with a one-ton roller or hand roller. This will smooth and firm up the playing surface, allowing it to settle.

Pro's Choice Soilmaster
Continue to drag the infield slowly until spots are level and the soil has loosened. Then top-dress with a minimum of twnty bags of Soilmaster and fine drag the surface again.


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