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Rapid Dry

General application:
Spread a covering of RAPID DRY soil conditioner over a soggy surface using any spreader or by hand. Once the water is absorbed, work the material into the soil with a rake or use a drag on large areas. Continue to apply until desired surface condition is achieved.


  • Works quickly to soak up puddles and makes fields playable.
  • Works efficiently, producing desired results with minimum effort.
  • Works better because its granular structure encourages rapid absorption.
  • Works longer because the particles are heat treated and will remain rigid.

RAPID DRY, a field drying agent, consists of fine granular particles that have been baked (calcined) to insure durability and to increase absorption capabilities The fine-sized granular structure of RAPID DRY speeds the wicking and absorption of excess water while improving soil consistency and helping to reduce compaction. Puddles disappear, safer footing is restored, and games play on schedule.

Long lasting RAPID DRY easily mixes into the soil, stays there, and continues working to absorb excess water that may accumulate.

RAPID DRY, the game-saving quick fix, is for wet and muddy ball diamonds, football and soccer fields, and is easy and economical in use.

RAPID DRY is packaged in 50lb. bags and shipped


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