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Pros Choice Pro Mound


Pro Mound is a unique packing clay that bonds to form a solid surface base at the mound and batters box area.

  • Allows pitchers and batters to "dig-in" and establish the footing they need without creating large holes.
  • Quick and easy to install requiring only a shovel, rake, tamp and water..
  • Packaged in convenient-to-use plastic bags which can be stored outside.
  • Highly durable packing clay that remains firmly intact, is long lasting and easy to manage.


  1. Remove the top 4 inches of soil from high wear areas: in front of the rubber, plateau and landing areas or, completely to the circle perimeter as shown.
  2. At the batters boxes and catchers station also remove 4 inches of soil. This can be contained to only the wear areas or the entire box dimensions. Once the areas are prepared and ready for addition of PRO MOUND™, apply water to the bottom of each area and let it soak in. This will help to form a bonding base with the existing soil.
  3. Apply a two inch layer of PRO MOUND™ to each excavated area and compact firmly with tamp. Then lightly water these areas prior to adding the next two inch layer.
  4. The next layer will bring the PRO MOUND™ to near grade level. After it is tamped firmly cover each area with a skin coating of infield soil and tamp again.

It is recommended that the mound and batters' boxes be lightly watered and tarp covered when not in use. If this is not possible, covering them with a light coating of SOILMASTER can assist in maintaining correct moisture levels.


Sweep out any divots made in the PRO MOUND™ and use a rake to level off high spots. Then moisten the area to be repaired, fill the divots with PRO MOUND™ and tamp again. Approximately fourty 50lb bags of PRO MOUND™ are needed to resurface and maintain the mound, batters boxes and catchers station.

PRO MOUND™ is packaged in 50lb bags and shipped on pallets - 40 bags per pallet.
  1. Pro Mound

  2. Pro Mound

  3. Pro Mound

  4. Pro Mound

  5. Pro Mound


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